iPhone 8 Specifications, Price, Colors

iphone 8 colors

Your wait has come to a conclusion because Apple has declared Official Launching date to get iPhone 8, i.e., September 12.

Apple is celebrating its 10th anniversary this season in 2017 that is why it will be enormous launching celebration at Steve Jobs Theatre positioned at Cupertino. But, official information will probably be out on September 12. Apple has made numerous changes in its iPhone 8 functions in ordinary old Iphone’s Models. So Let us begin by checking iPhone 8 lowest price in India.

What characteristics will the iPhone 8 have?

So Let us discuss one by one about most of these attributes.

Edge to Edge Display:

Apple is finally going to allow edge to edge display in iPhone 8 since it has long been an ambition of Apple’s Design Chief Sir JonyIve also it will seem like a transparent Glass. It will be empowered with Super AMOLED capacitive touch display which has a resolution of 1282×2800, i.e., 601ppi density with Display size of 5.1 inches.

Operating System:

Though iOS older version does not have any competition in the industry even then Apple has decided to lock iPhone 8 with its latest version, i.e., iOS 11. It will assist in proper functioning of all new features like peer to peer reviewed Apple Pay and redesigned Control Centre of this Fantastic phone

Wireless Charging:

When it comes to replacing wired charging Apple has already taken a step in this aspect. Apple watch has already been configured with wireless charging with an inductive pad. Since iPhone 7s has already been substituted with wireless earplugs. So users can not use the exact same port to control their iPhone 8.


AsRandom Access Memory plays a vital role in smooth running of programs on the operating system of almost any device. 3 GB of RAM was given to this fantastic version of iPhone.


iPhone 8 will soon be available in various variants of 64/56/512 GB of secondary storage which will enable users to store additional info.
Smart Camera:

According to the rumors or leaked information, SmartCam was configured in this version which will identify scenes & objects in more better than ever before.

Network Technology:

Consumers will have the ability to use different network groups like GSM, CDMA and one of the most well-known LTE technology.

Facial Recognition:

iPhone 8 is anticipated to possess Touch ID fingerprint scanner, and infrared speaker empowered Home Button which will unlock the phone using facial recognition software. As Security is at Apple’s top priority, therefore they’ve updated it to some superfast security attribute which may scan user’s head and enables to unlock device within milliseconds.


Each one of the above-listed attributes are predicted to be packaged in Brand New iPhone 8. Though we’ve tried our best to gather information related to iPhone 8 specifications till the official launching, we could simply rely on leaked information or rumors.

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How To Buy Roti Maker

roti maker

Hello friends In this post we are going to talk about some thing we eat on daily basis. Yes it is Roti and how to make them using roti maker. Specially we are going to cover how to use the where to buy them in India.

What Is Roti Maker?

Roti maker is semi automatic machine. This makes roti making easy task. You can cook rotis with this tool.

You just need to put dough ball in it and press with handle.  And you will have your round and perfect roti with you.

How To Buy Roti Maker

Before buying I suggest you to check roti maker reviews. This site have most honest reviews about them I have ever seen online.

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Are Roti Makers Are Good?

Yes. If you don’t have time to waste on roti making. Then this is th ego to option for you. I have seen many ladies and even boys are using this to make rotis.

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Selecting Good Web Hosting For Your Site



When it’s comes to setting up a website online then first thing is hosting. Pure web hosting can lower down your site performance. So in this post we are going to talk about how one can select best hosting for them.

Selecting Good Web Hosting For Your Site

People always ask which hosting is good for them. As there are number of hosting providers available online.

It’s become very difficult to get one. Here are some points that you must consider before going for any web hosting.

1. Speed

Speed is the key point. If you have large site and site loading speed is low. People will find it difficult to load you site. So they will close the tab and shift to next site. So that’s why always recommends fast web hosting such as HostGator, Godaddy, Digital Ocean etc.

They offer very good discount coupon code for hosting. Specially this website hostgator India coupon codes provides very good offers.

2. Cost

Very low cost is not good. There are some sites which provides 5$ or Rs. 300 hosting per yr.

They are very slow and uptime is also not good. Those host are down most of the time.

Also they can’t even handle medium traffic.  So I kindle suggest you to stay away from them.

Go for hosting providers who charge avg. They also have customer care to  help you out.

3. Customer Care

Hosting providers which you are using must need to have good customer support.

In future if anything happens you must need to have good support. So you must take care of this point.

What Is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a service that allows organizations and individuals to post a website or web page onto the Internet.

A web host, or web hosting service provider, is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed in the Internet.

Websites are hosted, or stored, on special computers called servers. When Internet users want to view your website, all they need to do is type your website address or domain into their browser.

Their computer will then connect to your server and your webpages will be delivered to them through the browser.

Most hosting companies require that you own your domain in order to host with them. If you do not have a domain, the hosting companies will help you purchase one.